Best Escrows

Let’s start with why do you need an Escrow service at all?

The answer is that an Escrow service is kind of your insurance agent, it seems at first waste of time to use it, even unnecessary and bothersome, but it protects you in case things go south, and things tend to do so once in a while.

Escrow services work in a simple way.

First they put the buyer money in a trust account, then the buyer can invite the seller to sell him something, at that point the seller knows that the funds are saved for him in a trust account, while the buyer knows that the seller won’t receive the funds while the product was not yet delivered.

Then after the seller accepts the terms, he provides the service or the product and sending any proof of delivery.

Lastly, the buyer approves the transaction, when he does it the funds are being released to the seller.

This is the process, and it is the same all over the industry, whether you buying crypto, real estate, domain names, jewelry, actually anything.

After examining the best Escrow services in the market, we found 3 that are the best in what they do, each one has different advantages, and it is best to decide which one to use based on what you need.

First Place:


Escrow100 has the full package for crypto users (users who pay in cryptocurrencies),  It is the fastest service that we encounter,  and we found it very reliable, because the automation system behind it, transferred the funds at the moment we send it, without any human intervention.

So what can you do in Escrow100?

1.  Marketplace for buyers and sellers

Seller and buyer can open trades between each other and trade, while the Escrow regulates the trades, allowing both sides to be calm about the trades.

the system came with a full ability to connect and talk to the other party, and move between stages of the Escrow process,  also the system send emails for every moment in the process, updating the sides for any steps.

The GUI of the pages are easy to understand, and you can track your progress, with no effort at all.

Another thing that sellers can do in Escrow100 is open a public service, and sell the products or services to any users with bitcoin, This is actually something very interesting and it can lead to a real revolution in the future, if the bitcoin markets will flourish, it could be a great place to buy and sell, this is very much like Fiverr but for bitcoin.

2.  Bet on future prices between users

Another cool thing you can do with Escrow100 is creating your own bet trade on the future price of any coin you think of. and the main advantages is the bet is not against the website, it’s against other users.

The bet is simple: If the price in a certain point in the future will be above or below your chosen price. you choose the price, you choose the date, and you choose above or below, actually, you choose all the terms. you can even choose if the bet is open to the public or is it a private bet with your friends.

Once you finished creating your bet, you can invite other users to your bet.

It’s important to understand that this bet is much better than using sites like Bitmex or Bitfinex because in Escrow100 when you create the bet, you are playing against other users, not against the house, while there are other sites mention here, where you play against the house, and you keep asking yourself did they just did it in purpose…?

Those things won’t and can’t happen in Escrow services, just because the Escrow don’t have any interest that one side will win over the other, in fact, they don’t care, they just take a small percentage of any bet whether you win or lose.

Prices are Escrow100 as we checked seems good: 2 percent for market trades (buyer and seller) and 5 percent for bets, (while the winner gets 95%).

so all in all the service is good, design look clean, the only comment we have is why can’t we bet on more coins from other exchange markets, not just Binance, but we are happy with this Escrow, moving to the next Escrow:

Second Place: contain the following Escrow services:

1.Domain Names

2. Motor Vehicles

3. Contracted Services

4. Milestone Transactions

5. Jewelry

6. Antiques

7. Electronics

8. General Merchandise  give a good service but we found his fee rate a bit confusing.

this is taken from there website:

Fees for transactions in US Dollars

Transaction Amount (Merchandise + Shipping) Standard Concierge Payment Processing Fee
$0-$5,000 3.25% ($10.00 minimum) 6.5% ($100.00 minimum) Standard or Concierge fee + 3.05%
$5,000.01-$25,000 $162.50 + 0.26% of amount over $5000 $325 + 0.52% of amount over $5000 Not available
$25,000.01 + 0.89% 1.78% Not available

So for most users the rate will be about 3.25% and  10$ minimum, still in Escrow100 is 2%  flat, and we like the things when they are simple.

This is something need to be improved, other than that the site is legit and easy to use. offer many payment ways, like wire transfer, Paypal and credit card, but still not supporting bitcoin payment.

Third Place:


Bitquick is an escrow service which allows you to buy and sell bitcoin to a third party, here you are not buying and sell services, the product here is bitcoin.

buyers deposit cash in the bank using Western Union or by Bitquick escrow system, shortly after that, the bitcoin is sent, according to the site it could take about 3 hours give or take.

Overall rating of the site is good, and it does what it suppose to do.


As a customer you should handle carefully with your money, all the services here are trusted and checked by many users, and received a high rating. but every one of them gives a different kind of service to the end user.

If you are in the crypto business definitely is the one.

if you just interested in buying bitcoin or selling bitcoin through Escrow service Bitquick could be your solution.

And for other Escrow like domains and General Merchandise you can use






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